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SK Veg, Containing the exclusive Farmasea, Inc. blend of sea vegetation.


If you are (or were) an existing REAL SEA VEG BY SCOTT KENNEDY, FARMASEA, INC. CUSTOMER, prior to the April, 24th Professional identity theft of our domain(s), brands, customer email list, and Trade Mark(s), and have purchased the “knock-off” and/or Counterfeit Sea Veg products, and would like them replaced at no charge, and promise to ship back those poor imitations in the same package, please follow these instructions and we will send you THE AUTHENTIC FARMASEA, INC. BLEND OF SEA PLANTS IN THE PACKAGE YOU HAVE ALWAYS RECEIVED FROM US, along with a prepaid label to return your imitation products and a hard copy of your receipt.

Scott Kennedy

Simply write to Help@SeaweedHealth.com. In your message, let us know how many 180ct bottles you purchased, Super or Original. Include a valid email address and a valid shipping address. ATTACH AN E-COPY (attachment) OF YOUR ORIGINAL PROOF OF PURCHASE (if you purchased the “sea veg” counterfeit, you can go back onto www.farmasea.com and have a copy of your receipt emailed to you or downloaded onto your computer as a PDF) SHOWING YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, date of purchase and what was ordered. We will immediately ship the AUTHENTIC FarmaSea,Inc. by Scott Kennedy supplement you have been buying and taking all along.

We will also include a free 90ct bottle of the SSKVDC for your inconvenience, also A PREPAID LABEL FOR YOU TO AFFIX TO THE SAME BOX, AFTER REPLACING THE CONTENTS WITH YOUR BOGUS PRODUCTS AND THEN SIMPLY DROP IT OFF AT YOUR NEAREST USPO. We'll even take back opened bottles. It is our promise to replace all knock-offs and counterfeits (with “sea veg” “sea of life” and “seatrition” on the label) shown, PLUS send you an additional free 90 Ct. bottle of Authentic OSKVDC, for the inconvenience. This all is stemming from a man named Greg Good's exploitation of your loyalty to Scott Kennedy’s Authentic, FarmaSea, Inc.’s FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants, whole Sea Vegetation products, for egregious, insidious, unfair, brazen, brutally inconsiderate, unjust and illegal, financial enrichment. Stay tuned, because he will be stopped, with your help. All replacement Shipping and Handling will be covered by Scott Kennedy and FarmaSea, Inc. You can snail mail via USPS your receipt to: PO Box 7075, Huntington Beach, CA 92615. Attn: FarmaSea, Inc. We have already received 100% of the replacements purchased, once our clients are alerted, in waves.

You can request your counterfeits and knock-off replacements by following the instructions above and contacting us @ help@seaweedhealth.com. For ordering and additional assistance, call Toll-Free @ 866-SEA-VEGG (732-8344).

You may also contact us via our online form by clicking the button below. Written by Scott Joseph Kennedy, President and Founder of FarmaSea, Inc. ,Sea Veg, Jonah and Sea Veggy Tails products, since 1983. Updated 8.13.15.

Replace Counterfeit "Sea Veg" and "me too" Knock-offs

Telling the Truth

From the desk of Scott Kennedy
Scott KennedyHello all. I hope you’re doing well as you hover around Superior Biological Health, brought to you by your daily ingestion of Sea Vegetation. I’ve once again been counterfeited and this time, my Internet website : www.farmasea.com and control of my trademarks, Sea Veg and FarmaSea have been extorted from my control, by rogue element in Scottsdale, AZ and the corrupt court there. Also, it looks like GoDaddy is involved, as their headquarters are within 5 miles of both my former 15% partner and his unethical and amoral lawyers.


Check back to this site frequently for more information and to order Scott Kennedy’s Sea Vegetation Supplement, containing the FarmaSea, Inc. Blend of Sea Plants. If you have any questions or concerns you contact us Toll-Free @ 866-SEA-VEGG (732-8344). We can be reached via email at help@seaweedhealth.com or you can reach Scott Kennedy directly at Scottk@seaweedhealth.com

WE’RE VERY SORRY ABOUT THIS, BUT WE ARE HANDLING IT AS FAST AS WE CAN, AND I PLAY FOR KEEPS WHEN THIEVES STEAL, LIE AND CHEAT WHILE ATTEMPTING TO BE ME AND IMITATE AND COPY ME. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Soon, I’ll provide all the contact information for the person who is doing this so you can contact him yourself, once you have the details . . . . .

"No one has the superior blend of sea plants that we have and no one ever will."

Scott Kennedy with Dr. Stefan Kraan PhDHere is a picture of myself, Dr. Stefan Kraan, PhD and Dr. JANE Teas, PhD, all were speaking in Ireland. Also, Dr. Joe Wachter. Jr. my first mentor, teacher and author is pictured here. These are my scientific advisors and Mentors, since 1983 when I started. I’m the “counterfeit?”

The “sea veg” people at farmasea.com (not for long), don’t have any science and are simply trying to steal my customers with fraudulent copy and misleading advertising. If you don't appreciate being played for a fool and lied to and delivered a powder that you have never seen before and is NOT WHAT THEY SAY IT IS, WRITE TO HELP@SEAWEEDHEALTH.COM AND WE WILL ADD YOUR COMPLAINT TO OUR LEGAL ACTIONS.

The people who have done this are calling me and my product “the counterfeit” and you can imagine how that feels. They are former distributors and a very minor partner of mine, learned from me but never had access to the "magic powder" They have control of a word, and they imagine that’s what you are buying. They DO NOT HAVE THE FARMASEA BLEND FO SEA PLANTS IN THEIR COUNTERFEIT SEA VEG PRODUCT. BEWARE OF ANY EMAILS FROM @FARMASEA.COM OR @BUYSEAVEG.COM.

CHECK BACK HERE FOR MORE UPDATES AND DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT EXPOSING THEIR DECEIT. Remember, the devil is in the details and it is inside those details that the lies and deceit is to be found. They; lie and they cheat and they steal, by misleading you astray into believing their “sea veg” is what you have come to trust. The TRUTH is they are doing a bait and switch. Selling with the truth, delivering a lie, something other than whist you are actually buying and different than what they are selling. This is the 2nd time this has happened. Information will be posted here and inserted in your order package.

Call: 866-SEA-VEGG (732-8344)

Read the Truth

Take advantage of discounted prices from FarmaSea, Inc.

Scott Kennedy created the 180ct. and then the 360ct. bottles in order to lower the price for his loyal customers. Now, the President of FarmaSea, Inc. (Since 1999), founder of Sea Veg (1983), Sea Vegg (2004) and Super Sea Veg (2008) offers his FIRST-EVER, AUTO-SHIP program to cut the savings even more and eliminate the worry about going online to re-order.

The Offers:

1, 2 or 3 360ct. Bottles shipped at the end of each quarter of the year. So you'll receive 1, 2 or 3 360ct. Bottles at approximately the 1st of January, April, July and October.

Regardless of when you order and begin, at the start of the very next quarter of the year, a new shipment will arrive on your doorstep. What's more; Scott will take care of the S&H charge for all domestic auto-ship orders.


» 1SSVDC360 = $115
» 2SSVDC360 = $210
» 3SSVDC360 = $290

» 1OSSV360 = $110
» 2OSSV360 = $200
» 3OSSV360 = $275
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Frequently Asked Questions

The exclusive Farmasea, Inc. blend of sea vegetation.

Scott Kennedy's WORDS have been stolen before. See the "BARRET PARROT" video to the right from 2008. Barret tried to steal Scott's lines from his infomercial three years before with a knock-off product. He failed.
Super Vea Seg™ is the new and improved formula created by FarmaSea, Inc. Our new Super Vea Seg™ blend is very powerful. These sea weed species are from Pristine waters from around the world. These 12 sea weed species, chosen from 10,000 with the help of Dr; Stefan Kraan, Ph.D, have NEVER been together in the same country, let alone the same capsule, in the history of mankind.
Most American’s bodies are pH imbalanced and highly acidic, due to the western diet, which is known to cause a long list of ailments. I don’t tell people to quit smoking, eat better and exercise, because they already know that, and it’s not easy. I teach them to feed their blood and cells, sea vegetation, a very specific, exclusive blend of sea vegetation, chosen from over 10,000 varieties and all three colors. We then import all of these 12 species, by the metric ton, from 4 parts of the world, with DR. Kraan, PhD’s help; Ireland, Asia, Iceland and France. There is no other company in the Unites States or the world that does this, or has the means, the research, and the relationships, to do it, even if they cared enough to, and they don’t. There are new copycats on the internet, but when you look close, you'll see their misrepresentations.

Scott Kennedy has been at this for 31 years and The FarmaSea, Inc. Blend of Sea Plants, which has been inside all the sea veg products since 1983, but is NOT at this time, has helped over a million people make up for the extreme weaknesses of the western diet and the synthetic vitamin industry. Our blend feeds your cells and blood. YOUR BODY does the rest, It KNOWS HOW to Repair corroded arteries, veins and heart tissue- it supports Weight loss, diminishes obesity and diabetes- increases Metabolism and energy boost- Reduces free radical damage - Blocks cholesterol plaque – Lowers metabolic blood pressure - Help remove toxins and heavy metals. Contains that crucial primal element called iodine, in whole vegetable form, which has far-reaching effects on mental acumen, concentration, memory, and overall IQ. There is no better blend of sea plants on Earth available to you as a dietary FOOD supplement.

Scott Kennedy makes sure of this. He was here first, and everyone else just takes pieces and parts from him and creates a slick package, and then they go about attempting to fool the consumer, with their “loyalty” and other lies. Money is their primary motivation. Scott's primary motivation is your health, and then he knows you’ll be loyal. There aren’t any shortcuts, so be careful out there, there are impersonators trying to be Scott, and stealing his intellectual property. They make like they are Good, but I assure you, look closer and you’ll see that they are not.
Name brand Multi-vitamins may do more harm than good since major disease has increased in the population who take those types of supplements, over the past 60 years.